Business Law

Whether you need help starting a business in Fort Myers, need legal assistance for a well-established company, are planning to expand, or need to trademark your name, logo or services, Christine King and her experienced team can help you.

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Business Law Services

  • Business Start-Up

    If you are starting a new business, let us help you make sure it gets set up correctly. From helping you determine the best business entity and file the proper paperwork to guiding you to the proper licenses and insurance all the way to connecting you to marketing and accounting services and sharing best practices to help your business achieve success.

  • Business Consultation

    Not sure if you need legal assistance regarding your business? Set up a consultation to discuss starting a business, growing a business, copyright issues, trademarks, contracts and more.

  • Trademark

    Did you know that filing with the state does not protect your company brand? If you want to protect your logo, name, or both, you need to have them trademarked. We can get your name and logo, and your business, protected from being used by someone else and protect you from being sued by someone else already using a similar mark.

  • Copyright

    The Copyright Act prevents the unauthorized copying of a work of authorship. We can help you protect your work under copyright laws or pursue action against those who violate copyright laws.

  • Contracts

    Your business involves a wide range of contracts that can be difficult to understand. We can write or review contracts for your agreements with vendors, other companies, service providers, and others.

  • Mediation

    Have an internal conflict, a dispute with another business but want to avoid court? Christine King is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Civil Mediator and offers mediation services for civil and business litigation.