Trademark Law

Why Trademark?

Trademark law governs the use of a company name, a logo, and/or specific phrases by a company to identify and distinguish its products and services from those made or provided by another. Your company brand is, arguably, the most important part of your business. Countless hours, dollars, and energy go into developing your brand and bringing your goods and services to life. Obtaining a Trademark for your business provides the ultimate protection for your brand and the goods and/or services you provide. CKing Justice Law, provides comprehensive Trademark services.

Our firm, from performing an initial conflict search for your proposed mark to obtaining the mark for you to providing legal services in the event of Trademark infringement, can help you every step of the way in protecting your brand.    

Brand protection by Trademark Law

Trademark Law Issues

Have you attempted to obtain a trademark for your company name or company logo on your own and have received an office action from the USPTO? An office action is a legal problem that the USPTO requires timely resolution prior to the USPTO issuing a Trademark. Some office actions are simple and some office actions can be quite complex. Christine King and her professional team can help you navigate your office action, inform you of the steps needed to rectify, and give you an honest assessment of how your office action impacts the likelihood of you receiving a Trademark.

True Ownership

One of the most common misconceptions in business is that registering your Corporation Entity Type or Company Name with your State and/or Federal Governing Agency or owning a website domain name gives you ownership rights to your company name. While properly registering your company/corporation on a State and Federal level is imperative, it does nothing to give you true ownership of your company name. The same can be said for owning a website domain or social media handle. None of these items are substitutes for obtaining a Trademark and leave you vulnerable to competitors. The only way to protect your Company Name, to truly have ownership rights, is to properly obtain a Trademark from the USPTO for your company name, logo, and/or any phrases associated with your company.

The owner of a Trademark is generally recognized as the privileged owner of the Trademark and its use throughout the United States. Obtaining a Trademark also allows business owners greater legal protection and allows for the recovery of greater economic damages in court of law.  Our firm can get your Company Name and logo, essentially your brand, protected from being used by someone else and protect you from being sued by someone else already using a similar Trademark.

Logo design and banding on computer discussing trademark law.
Christine King, Fort Myers attorney

Secure a Trademark

Did you know that if you own a domain name or social media handle that is either trademarked by another company or closely resembles the name of a trademarked company and you use it to market and sell goods and services, you are infringing on someone else’s trademark and open yourself up to litigation? Vice versa, did you know that if you own a Trademark for your business and someone uses a ‘copy-cat’ domain name or social media handle to conduct business, you have legal recourse against them? Securing a Trademark for your business gives you protection against competitors and a legal avenue to enforce infringement.

CKing Justice is located in Fort Myers, Florida and would proudly help you on every step of the way in protecting your hard work and brand.